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Whether it be a need for enhanced technology, custom reporting and analysis, or a measurable customer management system, we have the people, the tools, and the technology solutions to ensure your message is heard effectively.

Customer Management

Manage every level of customer in your organization from extensive and customizable data points to social media integration, Sycamore provides you with a full 360° view of your customers. Sycamore allows you to create and manage customer subscription accounts and point balances as well as calendar events and quick and easy communication with each customer’s downlines through email, text, and social media.

Orders & Payments

High level and dynamic ordering and payment processes allows for simple and quick order processing as well as high extendable customized ordering and product logic for special events, promotions, and more. All the while giving you complete control over order calculation, creation, status, and transaction processing.

Auto Orders

Sycamore provides an extensively customizable auto order program that ensures your customers protect their rank status, and allows for you to better manage inventory shipments by setting triggers that automatically order and ship product to customers at predefined time intervals. Our system is highly customizable by culture and customer type as well as providing the best in-market interface making it easy as pie for your customers to build, customize, understand, and look forward to their auto orders.

Genealogy / Tree Management

Sycamore’s advanced tree control allows you and your customers to develop a successful culture across your entire organization. Whether binary, unilevel, or both; Sycamore gives you the ability to define your company's tree structure and to view and manage the details of upline and downline genealogy. Our tools provide unique and extensive views, tree navigation, and tree management in a way that even direct sales novices can understand and take full advantage.

Commission & Compensation

Sycamore’s comprehensive compensation module enables you to customize compensation plans with multi-commission model options, reporting functions and online inquiries—delivering the information you need to build an effective compensation program specific to your business needs. Sycamore also integrates with leading commission engines such as Exigo and in-house commission engine systems.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Streamline and save costs with a completed integrated warehouse management solutions that connects your customers directly to available stock in warehouses or distribution networks around the world. Sycamore provides simple access to add and update inventory, track backorders, batch print invoices, batch print shipping labels, receive stock, check order status, perform warehouse maintenance and transfers, process freight charges, and verify order shipment.

Shipment Management & 3PL Integration

Whether it is integrating with a pre-existing 3PL solution or taking advantage of Sycamore’s built in logistics - we make sure it’s gets delivered and fast.Access information regarding shipment date, number of pieces shipped, freight weight, quantity shipped, quantity backordered, carrier used, and invoice status. Our system also provides the ability to autoship backordered items, once the required inventory is received.

Global First

Sycamore’s Global First design allows your company to meet international demands from the start. Whether PCI compliance, EU Privacy Regulations, or specific “in-country” data laws, Sycamore has setup and currently maintains corporations doing business in over fifty countries around the world. With our seamless content and marketing integration, your teams are easily able to deploy content, translations, and assign multiple marketing teams to different regions allowing for advanced communication with your customers that both respects the culture and abides by local regulations.

Customer Insight & Reporting

Track and control information about individual customers from base contact information to earnings, downline views, upline views, account balances, renewal flags, status, orphan resolution and more. With our reporting features you and your customers have the information you need to make smart decisions. Our extensive reports give you information about performance, business growth, expense control, inventory performance, compensation, genealogy and more. Our reporting system is fully customizable and scales so that both you and your customers can quickly track progress, set goals, and have a complete understanding on their companies.

Accounting & Finance

Sycamore provides robust accounting integration and direct implementation allowing management of accounts receivable and accounts payable, issue manual credits or debits to a distributor's account, establish multiple bank accounts, perform check reconciliation, maintain sales tax tables, and support multiple currency transactions.

Communication to Downlines

Sycamore seamlessly integrates each customer's downline with a unique toolset allowing for optimal and tremendous CTR through emails, text, and social media recruitment. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The Sycamore Group's marketing tools enable even the marketing novice with tools to reach their colleges, friends, and family.

Search Engine Optimization

The Sycamore Group's direct sales platform goes beyond a simple backoffice solution by providing each customer her or his own unique website that is geographically indexed to give that customer superior search engine placement. Coupled with the global SEO focus on the corporate site, the Sycamore approach creates millions of listings that propel organic listings for product searches to the first page.

Customer Prospecting

Sycamore provides unique apps to allow each customer simple, yet effective means of utilizing their existing contacts to drive not only sales but also enrollments.

Associate & Distributor Prospecting

The various step-by-step guides, wizards, and utilities allow each customer to manage simple daily goals to achieve optimal success in recruiting team members eager to become team leaders.

Social Media Posting and Advertising

Continuously navigating the ever changing world of social media, Sycamore is able to rapidly deploy new and innovative social recruitment and sales channels targeted on the latest trends all with the aim of driving additional sales.

Truly Full Stack Solutions

The Sycamore Group not only delivers cutting edge technology systems but also provides cutting edge marketing delivered through through the latest in technological innovations. We join each of our client's teams to ensure success on every level and we haven't lost a client yet!

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